About The Courses

  • Diploma in Pre & Primary 

    The program provides the learners with the relevant skills to teach all subjects to the children in the age group of 2-12 years with special emphasis on Teaching English.

Role of Nursery Teachers in New Age Schools

  • Nursery school is the stepping stone to formal education. It lays the foundation which help to shape up the future education and the overall development of the children.
  • The first and foremost task of a nursery teacher is to make the young learners feel comfortable in the classroom.
  • Pre-school teachers should have an appealing and charming personality with a smiling face because that will enable them to be accepted by the toddlers.
  • All these parameters demand a proper nursery teacher training and qualification for kindergarten teachers because a layman will not be aware of the components required to plan an interesting lesson, implement latest techniques etc.

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Pre School Teaching Jobs

Educated and enlightened parents of 21st century have relied on preschool education to a great extent as a base for their child's education. As a result, employment for the preschool teachers has greatly increased over the years. With the popularity of early childhood education and the growing number of preschools, there has been a considerable demand for preschool or nursery school teaching jobs.,

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Taster/Demo Course

Nursery Teacher Training Taster is helpful to those who are interested to enroll in the Pre & Primary Teachers Training to get an insight & overview about the courses offered. It also gives an idea about the teaching opportunities and the information on the modes of teaching which proves to be extremely beneficial before the candidates start off their teaching career.

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American TESOL Institute an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is internationally accredited by IAO(International Accreditation Organization), an organizational member of A.I.C.E (All India Council of Education) and AAIER (All India Association of Educational Research). Recognition by AAIER is well accepted by the teaching fraternity of Asia. American TESOL Institute is also a member of Montessori Foundation and International Montessori Society. We are also institutional member of London Teachers Training College and College of Teachers UK.

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