Asian College of Teachers is a world renowned institute that began its journey with an aim to make a mark in the field of teacher training. ACT has, since then, dedicated itself towards providing quality teacher training education to aspiring candidates for upgrading themselves to shine in their career. ACT is always in pursuit of excellence as it strives towards imparting the skills to future teaching professionals in the field of pre and primary, nursery and Montessori. Asian College of Teachers has truly established its PAN India presence as a leading teacher training organisation that aims to provide high quality teacher training services catering to teaching aspirants across the globe. With 14 years of experience, ACT is looking forward to continue with the legacy to cater to the education industry by providing quality training while matching steps with the various demands of the contemporary times.

Courses : ACT provides an array of 100+ courses to choose from along with a customised curriculum to fit the needs of the modern day demands and provide quality training which is more practical based. All the course developers working with ACT who are responsible for developing course materials are also proficient enough to produce course materials apt for teaching in educational institutes across the globe. After thorough research and knowledge, they produce the best materials in the industry.

Accomplished Trainers and Tutors : Asian College of Teachers emphasise at providing the candidates with a satisfying learning experience with the help of well qualified and experienced trainers. Candidates are provided with quality tutors who patiently address the individual requirements of the trainees and possess the ability to evaluate based on the individual needs of the candidates. These highly capable teachers and tutors of ACT with their years of experience and exposure play an important role in the growing popularity of the institute worldwide. They are accomplished teacher trainers who provide adequate support to the trainees pursuing courses like pre and primary teacher training, early years care and education, nursery and Montessori teacher training etc.

Support Services : Candidates enrolling with ACT will be provided with complete guidance and support from expert trainers as they pursue the course. The experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers are committed to help the candidates in achieving their learning goals. With years of valuable experience the tutors provide great and quality support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content.

Quality Placement : Other than providing global courses, quality job placement in national and international locations is another vital element of ACT that is a matter of concern for aspiring teachers who are about to venture into the world of teaching. To cater to the concern of the candidates, ACT has a strong connection of 600+ School network in Asia and other international schools and institutions across the globe. Therefore, there are ample teaching jobs available for the past as well as present candidates. The aim of the organisation is to provide the aspirants with a holistic learning experience so that they can always be prepared to confidently face the culturally diverse classrooms around the world.

Our Testimonial

Asian College of Teachers offers a 3 week intensive tailor-made in class TEFL/TESOL course for those aspiring TEFLers who are planning to travel and teach English abroad.


Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training

Agra, India

ACT provides excellent learning value for practical implementation. I am able to apply the same in classroom teaching and also with the parents. I am working in Savera Airforce Play School, Agra.


Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training


I am thankful to the full team of Asian college of teachers. The process was swift from the time I took Admission till I completed the course. Looking forward to do other courses from here.


Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training


ACT helped me prove to myself that I will be able to win over this challenge of starting over again. I am a Teacher of Stamford American International School.


Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training


Excellent experience, the online course has given me the flexibility to finish the course. I was able to finish the course as per my pace and the support received from Ankita regarding the queries has been excellent.


Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training


Experience was very nice. I have completed my course with assistance from the support team. Thank you so much.


Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training

Uttar Pradesh, India

Don't just work hard; we need to sometimes work smart. Students are those tiny little particles that need their own time to settle. It is necessary to observe and understand each child in the room.

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